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SuperMagnetMan Magnetic Vent Mount provides a strong magnetic hold for your phone.  Great travel companion with strong neodymium magnets.

Magnetic Vent Mount.  Great holding magnet for your phone while traveling in your car.  Magnetic mount attaches to your air vent for mobile devices to allow you to be hands-free. Simply attach the mount to your air vent. The head of this mount is fixed and does not move.  This is a great travel companion!

The Magnetic Vent Mount comes with a steel plate that you attach to the back of your phone.  The Vent Mount then attaches to your air vent with a secure clamping technique.  The Vent Mount is able to be easily removed and placed in different locations in the car, or in a different car. 

The Magnetic Vent Mount provides a strong magnetic hold, however; the thickness of a phone cover can make the hold different.  This Magnetic Vent Mount will work best with a phone cover that is thinner.  

Vent Mount Swivel Silver

Regular price $10.00
Height1.38" (35mm)
Max Working Temp80 °C
Outside Diameter1.4" (36mm)
Direction of Magnetism Through the thickness