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About SuperMagnetMan:

1. Where are you located? Click here
2. Do you have a local distributor near me? Click here
3. Do you have a printed catalog? Click here
4. How can I set up an account with SuperMagnetMan? Click here
5. Do I have to set up an account to place a order? Click here
6. Are neodymium magnet prices effected by the recent changes in tariffs? Click here


1. How do I know my order has been received? Click here
2. How can I add to my order once it has been placed? Click here
3. Do you accept Purchase Orders? Click here
4. Is quantity displayed in the product image what I will receive? Click here
5. Do you do quantity discount pricing for higher quantities? Click here
6. How can I cancel my order? Click here
7. What do I need to do in order to return my order? Click here
8. When can I expect to receive my refund after returning my order? Click here


1. Can a package be shipped in a standard envelope? Click here
2. What is UPS SurePost?  Click here
3. How can I tell what shipping cost will be when placing my order?  Click here
4. What does it mean when my tracking says "Delivered" but it was not delivered to my location? Click here
5. How do I use my UPS shipping account ship my order? Click here

Health & Safety:

1. Are there health & safety concerns with neodymium magnets? Click here
2. What is a safe distance to keep magnets away from pacemakers? Click here
3. Will magnets harm my electronics? Click here
4. How far away should I keep them away from my electronics - computers, cellphones and credit cards? Click here
5. How do I avoid dangerous situations when unpacking my magnets? Click here
6. Is there a safe way to separate magnets? Click here