George Mizzell
VP, Engineering and R&D
SuperMagnetMan worked with its first magnet customer in 1999 and continues today to provide its expertise and knowledge to customers in almost every industry and application.

Our large selection includes Neodymium disc magnets, ring magnet, arc magnets, cylinder magnets, motor magnets, tube magnets, cone magnets, cube magnets, pyramid magnets, rectangle magnets, square magnets, and sphere magnets.  We also carry fun shapes like star magnets, triangle magnets, and heart magnets.

Our magnetic products now include virtually every sintered and bonded magnet available. While our website contains mainly Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt and Ferrite / Ceramic magnets, we are also able to provide our customers with other materials, including bonded magnets, injection molded magnets, MIM parts, fabricated steel parts, and plastics.   Our customers have come to rely on us as a resource to source a single component, or the entire assembly.

Every day we assist customers with magnet selection and design. The need to make products smaller, less expensive and still meet the magnetic field requirements has lead to our ability to micro machine many shapes and sizes, as well as set up assembly lines that mean repeatability and ramp up as needed. Understanding each customer requirement is our starting point, and follow through to solution continues to be our goal.

Our industry expertise spans almost every industry, including medical, motor, automotive, aerospace, pumps, generators, consumer products, and consumer electronics. Our customers include engineers, hobbyists, purchasing professionals, educators, research institutions, and magnet enthusiasts. With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we are able to bring solutions to the most challenging issues.

Looking for a Custom Magnet?  Visit our "easy to use" Custom Magnet page to submit your custom magnet requirements.