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Terms and Conditions of Sale or Quote

Delivery Schedules

Online Orders
All items ordered via our online store will be shipped out within 1-2 business days unless specific circumstances restrict shipment. This may include weather delays, strikes, or other reasons beyond the control of SuperMagnetMan. If the parts ordered are “Temporarily Out of Stock” or “on Back Order”, the parts will ship within 1-2 business days after being received into our stock.

Custom Orders
All Domestic Custom made magnets, component parts, or assemblies will ship directly from our warehouse, unless otherwise requested by our customers. We will provide an estimated delivery date on quotes, however; all delivery schedules are estimates and delays may occur. SuperMagnetMan will use its best efforts to make sure custom parts ship in the timeframe quoted, but cannot guarantee an exact delivery date.
All International Custom Orders made at our overseas factory will ship directly to the customer from our overseas factory unless otherwise requested by the customer. This will result in less time in shipping and less cost to our customers. All customs and duty costs are the responsibility of the receiving party and will be billed separately by the freight company. All other shipping costs will be included on the invoice generated by SuperMagnetMan.
Customers requesting SuperMagnetMan ship products using the customer’s UPS, FedEx or DHL account number should notify SuperMagnetMan at the time of order, or as soon as possible. SuperMagentMan is not responsible for any charges applied to the customer’s UPS, FedEx or DHL account by the carriers related to the shipment. SuperMagnetMan will ship per the customer’s requirements, however; it is the customer’s responsibility to work directly with the freight carrier to understand the cost of the shipment.  


Quotations for custom magnets, component parts, tooling, dies, or assemblies are valid for 30 days only. If the customer’s requirements or designs change, SuperMagnetMan will provide an updated quote that may include adjusted costs due to the new requirements or designs. All quotes should be provided to our customers in writing by SuperMagnetMan.

Purchase Orders

Custom Orders
SuperMagnetMan will commence production on custom orders after receipt of a Purchase Order or Prepayment. Purchase Orders should contain all details as outlined in the SuperMagnetMan Quote and customer instruction, which include the correct delivery and accounts payable address, the payment terms, and any special instructions necessary.  
All purchase orders will be shipped complete based upon the original delivery schedule determined at the time of order. Any changes to the delivery schedule must be approved by SuperMagnetMan. Cancellation of a PO is covered under the Claims & Warranties Section.


Returns & Voided PO
Magnets, component parts, tooling, dies and assemblies made to a specific customer design are not returnable, however; if SuperMagnetMan Management believes that any of these parts are able to be sold through another channel, a return may be possible. The decision to accept a return will remain the sole discretion of the SuperMagnetMan Management.
If a custom order is incorrect or damaged, this does not void the Purchase Order. SuperMagnetMan will replace the order and use its best efforts to produce the parts again as quickly as possible. If a customer requests that a Purchase Order is voided, the request must be made within 48 hours after receipt of the PO by SuperMagnetMan.
If SuperMagnetMan is able to void any remaining portion of a customer PO, the customer will be liable for any products that have been produced, products in WIP, and costs of any materials purchased to satisfy the PO.


Claims & Warranties
Any claim must be made within 30 days of receipt of shipment by the customer. Returns may only be approved by SuperMagnetMan per the Return & Voided PO policy listed in this section.
If any product supplied by SuperMagnetMan fails to conform to the specifications outlined in the quote, SuperMagnetMan will be limited in its liability to replace material proven to be defective. If there is a breach of contract or improper handling by customer, SuperMagnetMan will not be liable for replacement of products or providing a credit.
All products supplied by SuperMagnetMan will carry a 60-day warranty. Warranty claims may be researched and investigated by SuperMagnetMan. Any claim after 60 days will require authorization from the SuperMagnetMan Management to determine if the warranty may still be honored.


Payment Terms
SuperMagnetMan is able to provide Net 30 terms to customers that request terms.  Credit references may be required to establish credit terms. SuperMagnetMan reserves the right to change a customer’s payment terms based upon payment history or market requirements. All payment terms should be outlined by sales on the initial quote. Changes in payment terms will be reviewed and approved by SuperMagnetMan Management.
Customers with order requiring additional duties and taxes will be responsible for payment of all duties, taxes and freight charges. Duties and taxes will be billed separately by the freight company, and freight costs will be added to the SuperMagnetMan invoice.


IP and Patent Indemnity
SuperMagnetMan will not be liable for infringement of any patent or intellectual property, and will be indemnified by customer. However, SuperMagnetMan will use every effort to protect and maintain confidentiality and privacy of each Customer’s design, application and information.

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