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Unimag Teal Circle

Unimag Teal Circle Kit includes:

  • (4) 0.250"(6.35mm) diameter x 1"(25.40mm) curved Stick, Teal plastic molded with N38 magnet, magnetized through the length

Let you creativity flow as you create new designs and formations with this fun and playful unimag kit.  

The Unimag Kits are intended for adults and children over 10 years old.  Due to the small pieces included in this unimag kit, please visit our Magnet Safety section.

Unimag Teal Circle

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Diameter1.811" (46mm) Outer Circle
Max Working Temp80°C
Plating/CoatingNickel on magnet, Plastic molding on stick
Direction of Magnetism Through length