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Industries Served: Speakers

Speakers are getting smaller with a more vibrant and clearer sound. So how is that achieved? Well, part of the equation is the magnetic field used to produce the sound.

Magnets & Speakers
Remember the days when a speaker that produced the best sound was big and bulky? Ceramic magnets were the magnets of choice and they had to be large enough to produce the magnetic field required for better sound.

Today, high quality and great sounding speakers are mainly using neodymium magnets. This allows the entire speaker assembly (magnet, voice coil, steel and speaker cone) to be smaller due to the large increase in magnetic field produced by neodymium magnets instead of ceramic.  

The speaker industry has experienced growth due to the consumer electronic industry, and continues to press for smaller designs that produce a high quality sound. If you would like assistance with your speaker design, assembly or selection and manufacturing of the magnets, contact us today.

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