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Industries Served: Security

The security industry covers a broad range of products listed as security. Video surveillance, motion sensors, software, identity protection, and warning systems are some of the categories. SuperMagnetMan focuses on the use of magnets in this market.

Magnets & Security

Our customers in the security industry fall into 3 main categories: sensors, warning systems, and holding.

Sensors keep our houses safe, our surveillance cameras moving towards motion in a room, and allow systems to turn off or on as needed. For more details about our involvement in the sensor industry, visit our sensor page.

Most warning systems contain a speaker alerting that danger or intrusion is occurring. Whether it’s a car alarm, house alarm or a siren, these warning systems utilize speaker technology that usually involves a magnet that meets the environmental and volume requirement of our customer. Visit our speaker page for more information.

Magnets play a role in holding security systems in place. Mounting a camera or security sensor in place are recent examples of magnets working with security systems.

If you would like assistance with your security application, please contact us.

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