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Thin Film and Sputtering

Industries Served: Thin Film and Sputtering

Thin Film Deposition, PVD and Sputtering have become synonymous with the Semiconductor industry, used for chip manufacturing and integrated circuit processing. But other uses for sputtering are evident, such as coatings on glass and coatings on tool bits.  

Magnets & Thin Film and Sputtering

Our customers have utilized our knowledge and expertise in several ways regarding sputtering and thin film.  Below is how we have been involved in this high tech industry over the years.

First, we have provided magnets only for our customers to assembly onto their race track designs. This requires special attention different shapes, sizes, orientation and packaging to ensure our customers are able to easily assemble per their drawings.

Second, the CNC capabilities at our factory can handle the manufacturing of the base plates used for magnetrons. We can manufacturer large sized plates with exact precision. Having this capability in-house means we control the quality process from start to finish.

Third, our factory is able to make all component pieces of the magnetron and then do the assembly per our customer’s spec. This includes magnet fabrication and base plate production, assembly expertise, and quality tests that validate the magnetics once assembled into the circuit.   We understand the need to work closely with the customer throughout the entire assembly process to ensure the requirements are met.  

Our factory has been assembling magnetrons and cathodes according to our customers’ specs for many years, and we can provide this same service for your design. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your design and our capabilities.

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