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Industries Served: Sensors

Sensors are continually getting better and better in their design and capabilities.   The consumer electronics, consumer products, automotive, drone, robotics, medical and security industries are only some of those who employ sensors as part of their technology.

Magnets & Sensors

Sensors requiring magnets become part of a switching or Hall Effect sensor. Pairing the correct magnet with the chosen sensor is critical to ensure the sensor is working as expected.    

With today’s sensor technology, the correct magnetic field is a must. Too much magnetic field and the sensor is set-off too early, too little magnetic field and the sensor is set-off too late. It’s a balance that requires an understanding of the sensor’s technology, but also the appropriate magnet at the appropriate distance.

Most of the customers who have worked with SuperMagnetMan on their sensor application required a disc magnet, micro magnet or tube magnet. Once we understood their application, we could than determine the environment so the correct coating, strength and coercive force is required.

If you have a sensor application that you would like to discuss, contact us.

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