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Robotics has advanced from the R&D labs and pick-and-place automation to designs never before imagined.  While the word “Robotics” conjures up images of many things to many people, we understand that the designs are getting more sophisticated and precise, requiring a magnetics partner that provides solutions and ideas.   

Magnets & Robotics

Robotics is not a new industry, but certainly one of the industries making advancements quickly.  Our Robotics customers have turned to us for issues ranging from magnet selection to magnetic assemblies to advanced material ideas to manufacturability of their concepts. 

The main functions of the magnet that we encounter with robotics is in sensors and motion.  This has required precise tolerances and stringent parameters of the magnetics and magnetic assemblies to ensure proper performance.  But, while these are the main functions of the magnetics, holding and speaker applications are also part of designs requiring magnetic precision.   

The Robotics industry is definitely pushing the boundaries of magnet materials, magnetic assemblies, and advanced materials.   Our ability to think outside of “industry standards” has allowed us to assist customers with design possibilities.   

How can we assist you with your design or concept?   Please contact us if you would like to discuss your design and our capabilities.

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