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Since the first automobile was created, engineers and designers have been finding new and exciting ways to make our time in the car enjoyable and comfortable.  From the contour of the seats to the design of the engine, it is truly an industry where so many working parts and advanced technology come together.   

Magnets & Automotive

There are over 150 sets of magnets used in some cars functioning in such applications as sensor magnets, holding magnets, motor magnets, and generator magnets.    

Technology advancements in automotive design and enhancements has led to the use of magnet is more and more sensor applications and more efficient motors for electronic and hybrid cars.  For the driver who experiences the comfort of the ride and the ease of use of all of the surrounding technology, we understand the issues, precision and testing involved years in advance to get everything to work seamlessly. 

We know that the job of the magnet in an automotive application is to perform as required for the life of the car, and provide the desired result every time.  With all of the testing, retesting, redesigning, and retesting in advance of a car model “hitting the lot”, we know how to partner with our customers to make sure we are providing the product and results that they require.

SM Magnetics’ partner factory is TS 16949 certified. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your design and our capabilities.

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