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Pump/Fluid Handling

Industries Served: Pump/Fluid Handling

Pumps serve a wide variety of industries, but the main purpose of a pump is to move fluid, slurry or dry ingredients from one point to another. The industry has many legacy products, but with the advent of technology advancements in industries like medical, the need is for smaller pumps producing big results.

Magnets & Pumps / Fluid Handling

Our pump & fluid handling customers mainly reside in a few industries, including medical, agriculture and oil.   While medical pumps mainly require smaller magnets, they also require materials that can survive in environments inside and outside of the body. Industrial pumps usually need a much larger magnet because of the throughput requirements of moving a large amount of fluids in a short amount of time. The oil industry pumps are usually buried in sludge, rock and dirt, so their requirement is to operate in very harsh environments. While each of the examples above is unique to their industry, our experience in providing magnets and sub-assemblies is universal.

We can provide the magnets, the assembly, or some of the component parts of a pump. If you would like a quote, contact us today.

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