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Magnet engineering involves many aspects to creating a solution that is correct for any application. The magnet and magnetic assembly engineering advice and consultation we have provided to hundreds of customers has allowed them to design so that optimal performance is realized, and to gain the most efficiency within their application.

 The engineering support we provide includes:

  • Magnet Material Selection
  • Magnetic Circuit Assistance
  • Magnetic Assembly & Material Review and Guidance
  • Optimization of Design
  • Proof of Concept Validation – for Design and Production
  • Industry Expertise

Our engineering support starts by gaining an understanding of each application and the associated goals for the product. Our industry experience over a large variety of markets usually means we are able to consider the many parameters associated with each application as it relates to its specific industry.   This means getting a solution quicker and with less cost.

Our factories and partners overseas also provide the engineering resources needed. Whether it is providing drawings, testing magnetics, reviewing for manufacturability, or just a simple conversation about how magnets will work within your application, our staff of engineers has the resources and talent you need to take a product from design to production.

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