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Motor Design Considerations

February 02, 2018

Motor Design - Pre-Design Considerations By: Brad Proffitt, SM Magnetics Account Manager SM Magnetics has provided our customers with much advice on motor design; optimizing performance; and re-designing all, or parts of a motor.  Once the design is ready for prototype, we manufacturer their prot...

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Magnets In Harsh Environments

January 11, 2018

Magnets and Harsh Environments By: Kelley Cameron, SM Magnetics Account Manager Magnets are present in virtually every industry and play a significant role in the successful operation of a product.  Whether it is a sensor magnet, medical magnet, motor magnet, automotive magnet, consumer electroni...

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Medical Magnets and the Associated Challenges

November 27, 2017

Magnets and Medical Applications By: Andy Robinson, SM Magnetics Account Manager, Medical Industry Permanent Magnets have long played a role in the medical industry. Examples of their applications include bodily use both internally and externally, motors for medical devices, and sensors. We conti...

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What Does the Direction of Orientation Mean?

September 13, 2016

Choosing the material, shape and size of a magnet are usually the first steps in finding the correct magnet for your application.  There are different ways that a magnet can be magnetized, but the direction of the north and south pole must be defined prior to manufacturing so the magnetic field i...

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Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

September 07, 2016

Our disc magnets have helped our customers solve a variety of interesting problems over the years.  The following are three of many solutions found: First, a hockey coach wanted to hold goals in place during practice, but not be in the way of other activities throughout the day at the rink.  Sol...

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