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Motors & Generators

Industries Served: Motors & Generators

The Motor industry spans across many industries and applications.   With the desire and determination to make motors more efficient, new designs and materials are continually being explored.  The alternative energy market has pushed generators to produce as much energy as possible, and the wind industry is now producing a much larger amount of our electricity.

Magnets & Motors and Magnets & Generators

SuperMagnetMan has assisted companies in many motor projects. The designs of brushless motors require the correct combination of magnets, windings and materials to achieve the maximum efficiency.   Selection of the correct magnet requires an understanding of the workings of the entire motor, and not just the magnet. George Mizzell’s knowledge and experience in motor design and application have help many motor customers to achieve the most from their motor.

Our generator customers require many of the same solutions as our motor customers. Using George Mizzell’s expertise, SuperMagnetMan has provided assistance to large and small wind manufacturers.   This assistance has led to altered designs and manufacturing improvements.

SuperMagnetMan also plays an additional role in the motor and generator industry. We have the ability to supply the entire motor or generator if required, which includes the windings, wiring, steel and assembly. Our in-house capabilities mean reduced overall cost of manufacturing and production.

If you would like assistance on your motor or generator, please contact us. We can provide suggestions and assistance, prototypes, magnets, or the entire assembly.   Like always, we will work within the parameters of your requirements and budget.

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