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Rings: 26mm - 30.9mm

  OD:  1mm - 4.9mm  |  5mm - 7.9mm  | 8mm - 9.9mm  |  10mm - 11.9mm  |  12mm - 17.9mm  |  18mm - 19.9mm  |  20mm - 25.9mm  |  31mm - 39.9mm  |  40mm - 59.9mm  |  60mm - 99.9mm  |  100mm - 140mm+

Ring Magnets are widely used in such applications as holding, motors, consumer electronics, medical, sensors and speakers.  Due to the high magnetic strength of a Rare Earth Magnet, it has replaced other magnetic materials in order to make a design smaller but achieve the same result.  Neodymium ring magnets are used extensively in industries such as the jewelry, medical, automotive, aerospace and power generation applications.

Need a specific Neodymium Ring Magnet size and performance?  If you require a specific size Rare Earth Neodymium Ring Magnet, please contact us or use our online custom magnet quote form.  

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1.102" (28mm) OD x 0.310" (7.88mm) ID x 0.329" (8.35mm) thick, PTFE Coated, N50 Ra... More Info →

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1.200" (30.48mm) OD x 0.437" (11.10mm) ID x 0.236" (6mm) thick, N45H Rare Earth Ne... More Info →

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1.200" (30.48mm) OD x 0.437" (11.10mm) ID x 0.275" (6.99mm) thick, N45H Rare Earth... More Info →

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