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SmCo R0750

0.750" (19.05mm) OD x 0.375" (9.53mm) ID x 0.250" (6.35mm) thick, SmCo26 Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet, Magnetized through the thickness, Nickel plated.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Ring Magnets are mainly used in applications that require magnet performance in high temperature or a large demagnetizing field.  Our Samarium Cobalt Material Table shows the SmCo grades available and their corresponding working temperature.  

SmCo R0750

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Direction of MagnetismThrough thickness
Inside Diameter0.375" (9.53mm)
Max Working Temp350°C
Outside Diameter0.750" (19.05mm)
Thickness0.250" (6.35mm)

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