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High Magnetic Field.  2 Tesla magnetic field.  Research magnet.  Medical Magnet.

Dipole Assemblies producing over 2.0 Tesla field within 9 mm square by 5 mm gap. Dimensions of C Magnet are 15" high x 9.25" wide x 2" thick. Mounted on a base that is 13" sq. x 0.500 th.

SM Magnetics, the engineering and manufacturing sister company of SuperMagnetMan, has been assisting Corporate customers for many years with their custom designs requiring a large magnetic field in a specific area.

SM Magnetics has their own ISO certified factories and controls the entire manufacturing process when making individual magnets or entire magnetic sub-assemblies. For assistance from a technical representative at SM Magnetics, click here for the contact info.

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Max Working Temp80 °C
Strength2+ Tesla
Direction of Magnetism Across Gap