Managing costs and inventory become two of the most important factors for purchasing staff. We can help with both.

Managing Cost

Keeping excess inventory at your location can result in added inventory cost and create a larger tax burden at year end.   It also creates a need for extra storage space to house all of the parts.

As part of our commitment to working with customers to control cost, not only on their parts, but also on their inventory, we will utilize our U.S. warehouse for customers located in the U.S. to ship parts on a regular basis per our customers’ requirements. Need parts daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or on some other schedule? We understand how to handle JIT and Kanban requests.

Managing Inventory

Inventory needs throughout the year will undoubtedly “ebb and flow” as demand goes up and down for your products. Our Inventory Management commitment is to have an additional 1 – 2 months of parts available at all times to handle spikes in our customers’ business, and be able to delivery within a day if necessary to keep production running.

We also understand how to plan inventory with our customers so we can develop the best inventory management program that fits our customers’ needs.  

How can we help provide parts and work with you to manage inventory costs, quantities and deliveries? Contact us to discuss this option for your business.