About SuperMagnetMan:

1. Where are you located?

Our main office and warehouse are located 20 miles South of Birmingham, AL. We currently do not have any retail stores nor do we accept walk-in customers at this time. If you have any question please contact us.

2. Do you have a local distributor near me?

We do not have any local distributors of our magnets. All sales happen through our website. Shop Now

3. Do you have a printed catalog?

No. We currently do not have a printed catalog but we offer a great selection of information on our sister company website. More Info

4. How can I set up an account with SuperMagnetMan?

The process to create an account is fast and simple. The only thing we ask for is Name, email address and you create your password. Please click the link to create an account. We will send you updates and it allows you to track old orders for reorder.

5. Do I have to set up an account to place a order?

No. You can place a order as a guest no problems. The account simply helps you for reorder and allows you to receive marketing updates, coupons, and exclusive offers in the future.

6. Are neodymium magnet prices effected by the recent changes in tariffs?

No. The neodymium prices are not affected by the tariffs.



1. How do I know my order has been received?

Once you have completed the ordering process. You will receive a email from SuperMagnetMan confirming your order. If you do not receive this email it is safe to say something might have gone wrong or the order may not have been completed. If you need more assistance please contact us. 

2. How can I add to my order once it has been placed?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to the order once it has been placed. However, we can take both of your orders and combine the shipping cost and refund the additional shipping when necessary.  In order for this to take place you will need to place a brand new order for the "new parts" you wish to add or if you are "removing parts" you will need to notify us via phone by 3:00pm CST prior to shipping this order out. Once the order ships we are no longer able to combine shipping cost. It will be treated as two separate orders. If you have any specific questions please contact our shipping department.

3. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we accept Purchase Orders. If you could direct your order to our sales department they will be happy to assist you.

4. Is quantity displayed in the product image what I will receive?

Not necessarily. We have group images and that is not the quantity you will receive. The order quantity is typically located in the description if it going to be sold in sets rather than per piece. Otherwise the product is per piece. If you have any questions about a particular part please contact us. 

5. Do you do quantity discount pricing for higher quantities?

Yes, we offer discount pricing. Depending on the quantity you are considering we will need to provide a price quote. If you will please contact our Sales Department we will take care of your request in a timely manner.

6. How can I cancel my order? 

To cancel your order, please call us at 205-621-8841, or send us an email at orders@supermagnetman.com. Please note, most orders that are placed before 3pm CST will go out the same day. If your order has already been shipped, your order will no longer be eligible for cancellation. 

7. How do I go about returning my order for a refund or exchange?

To request a return, please call us at 205-621-8841, or send us an email at orders@supermagnetman.com. We will then provide you with an RMA number so that you can properly reference your package. All returns must be requested within 60 days of delivery of the order.

8. When can I expect to receive my refund after returning order? 

Our refund process can begin once we receive your returned packaged referencing the assigned RMA number. Upon evaluation of the returned order, as long as all parts are found in good condition, you should receive an email within 1-2 days notifying you that your refund has been issued. It usually takes 3-5 business days to see the refund added back to either your credit card or Paypal account.



1. Can a package be shipped in a standard envelope?

No. The only envelopes we ship with are bubble insulated envelopes to provide a layer of protection for the parts enclosed.  Additionally, all magnets must be shipped in a protective packaging in order to comply with United States Department of Transportation, UPS, and FedEx regulations for shipping magnetic materials.

2. What is UPS SurePost?

This is a UPS shipment that is delivered by UPS to the local post office of the destination city where It is then transferred to USPS for final delivery by the postal service. This method is most beneficial to residential customers by eliminating surcharges, but usually adds a day in transit to accommodate the transfer from UPS to USPS. A USPS tracking number is provided on the UPS tracking page for the designated package.

3. How can I tell what my shipping cost will be when placing my order? 

The very last step before submitting your order you will be given all the shipping options with estimated shipping cost. Your order will not be submitted until you select one of these shipping methods.

4. What does it mean when my tracking says "Delivered" but it was not delivered to my location?

This occurs with customers who select UPS SurePost as their shipping method. Because UPS delivers the package to the post office, the UPS tracking will say “Delivered”. However, in the details of the tracking, the information will have a notification that the package has switched to USPS. At that point the USPS tracking number found on the tracking page can be used on USPS.com to track the final delivery. Normally, when this issue is a concern, the package delivers within a day or two.

5. How do I use my UPS shipping account ship my order?

If you'd like pay for your UPS shipping charges using a UPS account, please include the account number under the "Special Instructions" box in your shopping cart. We do not have a payment option at the checkout to pay shipping fees with an account number, so we will refund the shipping charges you select once we process your shipment and the account number entered into the instructions box is validated. 


 Health & Safety:

1. Are there health & safety concerns with neodymium magnets?

As with everything, there are certain risks that people need to be aware of when working with these magnets.  First of all size is an important part of this question.  A small magnet such as a disc that is ¼ inch (6.35 mm) in diameter x 0.125 inches (3.125 mm) thick is pretty harmless around your fingers. They will snap together easily but are not large enough to have fragments break off and fly around.  While this might theoretically happen – I haven’t seen in in 20 years of working with them.  However around children that are say – under 5 years old – or any age where the child does not follow instructions, magnets this size pose a swallowing possibility.  Generally, no one can imagine why someone would try to put them in their mouth, we know it has happened.  Swallowing 1 magnet is not a problem but more than one will cause the magnets to snap together with the possibility that they would be pinching part of your stomach or intestines and could pinch through the walls and require surgery.  This would be a very senseless and dangerous surgery because it could have been avoided easily by not putting the magnets in the mouth.  Since most neodymium magnets are plated with nickel there is a very small percentage of people who have a skin allergy to nickel so these magnets could make them break out in a rash.  Grinding on these magnets with, say a Dremel tool, will throw sparks and the sparks could ignite surrounding flammable material.

2. What is a safe distance to keep magnets away from pacemakers?

This is dependent on the size of magnet.  A simple ¼ inch diameter x 1/8 inch thick magnet could pretty much be placed on the pacemaker area without a problem but a 1 inch diameter x ¼ inch thick magnet would be a totally different situation.  With pacemakers and epilepsy implants magnets are used as an emergency on/off switch and getting a larger magnet too close could accidentally activate one of the sensors.  An easy and simple test is to hold the magnet several inches away from a paper clip and slowly bring the magnet towards the clip.  When the clip flies off the desk to meet the magnet – that is the distance you need to keep the magnet away from your pacemaker or other device area.  A magnet picks up a paper clip when the gauss level is about 50 gauss.  So if you stay at that distance or even a little farther you will be in good shape.

3. Will magnets harm my electronics?

It depends on what you are doing with it.  Most electronics are made with some magnetic shielding inside to protect against random magnetic fields.  However, if you have a MacBook Pro and grab a 2 inch N50 cube and slide it back a forth across it – I think there is a high probability it is toast.  Electronic devices such as speakers and microphones are especially sensitive as well as older style floppy discs and hard drives.  Generally the SSD style memory is not as affected by magnets but it would still be a good idea to not test it out just to answer the question.

4. How far away should I keep them away from my electronics - computers, cellphones and credit cards?

See Q3 as well.  Generally, keeping any device away from magnets depends on the magnet and the electronics.  Credit cards can be easily wiped out by strong magnets but I have sat for days with a magnet in my chair to help alleviate back pain and it has never wiped out a credit card.  I do know that if I dragged the card across a magnet it would wipe out the tape strip.  If the credit card has a chip – the chip may not be affected but it is a good idea not to try it out.

5. How do I avoid dangerous situations when unpacking my magnets?

Depending on the magnet – if you got some 5mm sphere magnets – then you have nothing to really worry about – they will stick to things but are pretty harmless otherwise.  If you ordered a 2 inch N52 cube magnet then you need to find a place and clear the area of everything metal for at least 1 foot (30 cm) around the box before unpacking it.  If it is a large 2 inch cube or something in that size, then gently remove all the steel shielding and place it several feet away from the box and then gently lift the magnet out of the box and remove the box from the area and then unwrap the magnet.