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0.409" (10.40mm) OD x 0.252" (6.40mm) ID x 0.142" (3.60mm) thick. NORTH pole on the OD / SOUTH pole on the ID.  N50 Rare Earth Radial Ring Neodymium Magnet.

Dimensional Breakdown 

Overall Dimensions:  0.409" (10.40mm) OD x 0.252" (6.40mm) ID x 0.142" (3.60mm) thick.

Magnet Specs:  0.370" (9.40mm) OD x 0.252" (6.40mm) ID x 59.50 angle x  0.142" (3.60mm) thick, magnetized from OD to ID, Nickel Coated.  

Brass Sleeve Spec:  0.409" OD (10.40mm) x 0.370" (9.40mm) ID x 0.142" (3.60mm) thick, no plating.

Magnetic Neodymium Radial Rings can be manufactured in segments or from a single piece.  There are many considerations for either, as outlined in our Neodymium Radial Ring Video.  Need some assistance with your magnet requirement?  Contact us, or use our online custom magnet quote form.


Regular price $16.50
Inside Diameter0.252" (6.40mm)
Max Working Temp60°C
Outside Diameter0.409" (10.40mm) on Brass Sleeve OD
Plating/CoatingNickel Coating on Magnets, surrounded by Brass Sleeve
Pull Force4.56 lb
Thickness0.142" (3.60mm)
Direction of Magnetism North on outside; South on inside

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