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SuperMagnetMan Neodymium Pyramid Magnet.  Used as medical magnet research magnets, sensor magnets.  Pyramid magnets are strong rare earth neodymium magnets that have a focused field at the tip.

Base: 0.394" (10mm) x 0.394" (10mm).  Top: 0.394" (10mm) x 0.200" (5.09mm).  Thickness: 0.200" (5.09mm) Direction of Magnetization: Through thickness. North Pole on Top. Grade: N40.  Coating: Nickel Plated.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = 2 pcs

Pyramid Magnets have a more focused magnetic field at the tip. This focused field allows for a more concentrated magnetic field in a smaller area and are a great option for an application where a concentrated magnetic field is required at a specific point.

Pyramid magnets can be used with another pyramid magnet with the opposing pole on the opposite site to pull the field straight across the area of concern. This focused magnetic field is used frequently as an R&D magnet, medical magnet, and sensor magnet.

The shape of the pyramid magnet also makes them an option where a magnet needs to be held mechanically. This includes applications such as a motor with a very high RPM, and an application where a force or pressure is pushing against the magnet and glue may fail to hold the magnet in place.

SM Magnetics, the engineering and manufacturing sister company of SuperMagnetMan, has been assisting Corporate customers for many years with their custom pyramid magnet and magnetic assembly applications.

SM Magnetics works with Corporate customers to optimize their design and can then manufacture the specific pyramid magnet or magnetic assembly to meet the required specification. SM Magnetics has their own ISO certified factories and controls the entire manufacturing process. For assistance from a technical representative at SM Magnetics, click here for the contact info.

For a list of neodymium magnet materials and their characteristics, visit our Neodymium Magnet Table section. Use care and caution when handling neodymium magnets, as outlined in our Magnet Safety section.



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Base Side LengthBase/Bottom: 0.394" (10mm) x 0.394" (10mm)
Height0.200" (5.09mm)
Max Working Temp80°C
StrengthNeodymium 40
Top DiameterTop: 0.394" (10mm) x 0.200" (5.09mm)
Direction of Magnetism Through thickness; North at top

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