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Set of 10 Large Green holding magnets.  Height: 0.93" (23.62mm); Overall Diameter: 0.47" (16mm).

These Magnet Pin Holding Magnets can hold up to 20 sheets of standard tablet paper on any magnetic surface.  Magnet Pin Holding Magnets are used in offices, classrooms and homes to help display important items and stay organized.  These magnet pin holding magnets are awesome as white board magnets!

Check out our Magnet Pin Video to choose the correct pin magnet for your need.


Regular price $12.50
Diameter0.63" (16mm)
Direction of MagnetismThrough thickness
Height0.93" (23.62mm)
Max Working Temp80°C
Plating/CoatingNickel, Plastic
Pull Force9.07 lb

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