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Gee Whiz Green Set of 2, Rare Earth Neodymium Strong Holding magnet includes:

  • Green Plastic Handle: 1.969" (50mm) Long x 0.787" (20mm) Wide x 1.073" (27.25mm) Tall;
  • Rectangle N35 magnet: 1.575" (40mm) Long x 0.472" (12mm) Wide x 0.157" (4mm) Thick, Nickel plated.

SuperMagnetMan's Gee Whiz Holding Magnets can hold up to 30 sheets of paper on a magnetic white board, or any other magnetic surface.  Gee Whiz Holding Magnets contain a strong neodymium magnet that guarantees items held on a magnetic white board or other magnet surface are held securely in place.  Great for use in offices, classrooms and homes to display important items and stay organized.

Our Gee Whiz Holding Magnets are designed with a smart handle shape to make placement and removal from magnetic white boards and magnetic surfaces easy.  Neodymium Magnets are strong, but the Gee Whiz design makes handling safe.

Check out the SuperMagnetMan Magnet Pin Video to choose the correct pin magnet for your need.

Gee Whiz Set Green

Regular price
Height1.073" (27.25mm)
Length1.969" (50mm)
Max Working Temp80°C
Plating/CoatingNickel on magnet, Plastic handle
Width0.787" (20mm)
Direction of Magnetism Through thickness

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Magnet are great for holding shade cloths !