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SuperMagnetMan Radial Ring Magnet.  Radial Rings can be made in a single piece or in segments.  Used as medical magnets, motor magnets, sensor magnets, consumer electronics magnets.

1.378" (35mm) OD x 0.984" (25mm) ID x 0.197" (5mm) thick, NORTH pole on the OD / SOUTH pole on the ID. N45 One Piece Radial Ring Magnet, Nickel plated.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = 1 pc

Radial Ring Magnets are manufactured with the north and south pole on the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID). These can be used as motor magnets, sensor magnets, and any applications were multiple or single poles are required on the OD or ID of the magnet.

Radial Ring magnets can be manufactured as a single magnet but with limitation on size.  Single radial ring magnets are limited to 60mm on the OD, 12mm on the ID, and approximately 10mm on the thickness.  These single pieces can be magnetized with the same pole all around the OD, or alternating poles on the OD.  Radial Rings made in a single piece usually include separate tooling charges for manufacturing and the magnetizing fixtures.

Radial Ring magnets can also be manufactured in magnet arc segments.  These segmented radial rings allow for larger sizes on the OD, but the ID is limited to 12mm or larger on the ID.  These radial rings made with magnet segments can be magnetized with the same pole all around the OD, or alternating poles on the OD.  Radial Rings made with segments usually include tooling charges for manufacturing only and will include a non-magnetic ring on the OD or ID to assist with assembly of the magnet arc segments.

SM Magnetics, the engineering and manufacturing sister company of SuperMagnetMan, has been assisting Corporate customers for many years with their custom radial ring magnet and magnetic assembly applications.

SM Magnetics works with Corporate customers to optimize their design and then manufacture the specific ring magnet or magnetic assembly to meet the required spec.  SM Magnetics has their own ISO certified factories and controls the entire manufacturing process. For assistance from a technical representative at SM Magnetics, click here for the contact info.

For a list of neodymium magnet materials and their characteristics, visit our Neodymium Magnet Table section.  Use care and caution when handling neodymium magnets, as outlined in our Magnet Safety section.


Regular price $28.50
Inside Diameter0.984" (25mm)
Max Working Temp60°C
Outside Diameter1.378" (35mm)
StrengthNeodymium 45
Thickness0.197" (5mm)
Direction of Magnetism North on outside; South on inside

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