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Explorer Kit

 Neodymium Magnet Explorer's Kit includes:

  • (2) Ring N35 magnets: 19mm OD x 11mm ID x 4mm thick;
  • (2) Square N35 magnets: 19.05mm x 19.05mm x 2 mm thick;
  • (10) Cylinder N35 magnets: 4mm diameter x 25mm long;
  • (10) Cube N35magnets: 5mm thick;
  • (25) Disc N35 magnets: 6mm diameter x 2mm thick;
  • (20) Square N35 magnets: 5mm x 5mm x 1mm thick;
  • (10) Sphere N35 magnets: 8mm diameter;
  • (10) Rectangles N35 magnets: 15 mm long x 5mm wide x 3mm thick;
  • (1) Small bag of iron powder;
  • (1) Plastic box.
PLEASE NOTE: These magnets have many fantastic uses but should NEVER be given to or made accessible to children who are prone to put items in their mouth, as they can and will cause internal damage.

Explorer Kit

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Max Working Temp80°C