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Magnetic Wedding Rings.  PK Rings.  Magnetic Wedding bands.  Magic wedding rings.  Magician Wedding Rings.

Size 9 Magnetic Wedding Ring, Black Epoxy Coated. Grade N50, (24.2mm OD x 18.9mm ID x 8.5mm thick x radius 7.5mm) Magnetized through thickness.

Magnetic Wedding Rings are made of neodymium and coated in silver, chrome epoxy, gold. Also referred to as PK Rings, our Magnetic Wedding Rings are the standard for magicians in their magic tricks. Our magnetic wedding rings have been featured in many videos, but George Mizzell, the original SuperMagnetMan explains our PK Rings in this Magnetic Wedding Ring video.

SuperMagnetMan has been making PK Rings for many years and continues to provide Magnetic Wedding Rings to the magician community. SuperMagnetMan has their own ISO certified factories and controls the entire manufacturing process when making Magnetic Wedding Rings. 


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Inside Diameter0.744" (18.9mm)
Max Working Temp80°C
Outside Diameter0.952" (24.2mm)
Plating/CoatingBlack Epoxy
Pull Force20 lb
Thickness0.334" (8.5mm)
Direction of Magnetism Through thickness

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Thank you, my N50R5910BE arrived and is perfect!
However, my N50R5930 which also came in is defective and has a coating defect, not quite a chip but almost a 2mm imperfection or some flaking in the coating. Please advise on what can be done to make this satisfactory. Regards, Dennis