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SuperMagnetMan hook magnet. Made with neodymium disc magnets and neodymium rectangle magnets. Great whiteboard magnets and ceiling magnets. Hook magnets for any magnetic surface

Set of 10 - Multi-colored Magnetic Mini Hooks: black, blue, red, yellow, purple. Height: 0.76" (20mm); Overall Diameter: 0.63" (16mm). Holds up to 2.5 lbs from a ceiling mount. Made with strong Neodymium Disc Magnets, Nickel plated. 

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = 1 set

These hook magnets can be used on whiteboards, as ceiling hooks or on any magnetic surface.  Great for hanging items where a nail just won’t work but there is a magnetic surface where this magnet hook can attach.

Magnet hooks are a “must have” item for teachers and office administrators who need the perfect holding magnet to use in a classroom or office environment.  Very easy to attached, un-attach, and re-attach to drop ceilings, whiteboards, magnetic wall areas, and any other magnetic surface.

These small, light-weight hook magnets have the potential for many uses. Hanging tools in your workshop?  Hanging clothes?  Holding wires from the drop ceiling?  Hanging keys?  Whatever you can image to hang, these hooks may be able to be the holding magnet that you need.

Our hook magnets are made with strong neodymium disc magnets or rectangle magnets.  For a list of neodymium magnet materials and their characteristics, visit our Magnet Tables section.  Use care and caution when handling strong magnets, as outlined in our Magnet Safety section. 


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Diameter0.48" (12mm)
Height0.76" (20mm)
Max Working Temp80°C
Plating/CoatingNickel, Plastic
Pull Force3 lb
Direction of Magnetism Through thickness

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Hold tight; easy to use

Great for classroom and my middle school students have so much fun hanging things from the ceiling for me. I can use them on the whiteboard also because they don't scratch the surface. That increases my display space. Also, with some assignments, I have students attach yarn/ string 'hangers'. Then when we compare and contrast qualities of assorted people, places, things or issues they study individually, they can move their assignment to the different qualities (headings written on the whiteboard). Then it's easy to see how groupings change and when it's difficult to decide how a thing for into a category. For example, forms if energy:. Renewable and not renewable; expense to set up, method of capture, distribution system, cost basis, residential vs commercial... Sets up quick visits display for kids to compare but also hold kids accountable for understanding their assigned topic.

Love these magnets!