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Design to Production

SuperMagnetMan has a history of providing great engineering and products to customers since it’s founding. Today, we continue to offer the following assistance and capabilities to get our customer’s products from the design phase all the way to production.

Whether your design requires starting from the beginning, or just going straight to production, our ability to go in the direction you require is unmatched.

Design Assistance / Engineering:

A more detailed overview of our engineering capabilities is located on our Engineering page, but we are continually adding to our in-house engineering resources to provide customers with the guidance they request during product design.   Our main areas of Design Assistance and Engineering are:

  • Magnet Material Selection
  • Magnetic Circuit Assistance
  • Magnetic Assembly & Material Review and Guidance
  • Optimization of Design
  • Proof of Concept Validation – for Design and Production
  • Industry Expertise

Print Review & Development

Our engineers are well versed and experienced at Print Review to ensure accuracy, tolerances are correct, and manufacturability.  Once Print Review is complete, we assist in the development and creation of final prints so our factory understands exactly how the magnets or magnetic assemblies should be made. This is critical to ensure repeatability and consistency in manufacturing.

Print Review is a vital point in the process as it allows the entire customer and SuperMagnetMan engineering, design and sales team to work through the details and make sure everyone has collaborated to meet the requirements.

For a magnet drawing, the focus is on the selection of the magnet material, overall dimensions, tolerances, platings, and packaging.

For a magnetic assembly, the focus remains on the magnet, but also includes the other materials required for the final assembly, the manufacturing of the assembly, the process to make the assembly, the final test requirements, and packaging. Our assembly capabilities include a component part, or the entire final assembly.


Once print review and development are completed, Prototypes can be produced quickly. Our experience and expertise has proven that once we are able to make the first prototypes than we are able to determine any unforeseen issues that may not have been realized during print review.   This information becomes extremely important as we move to the next phase of production, whether it is EV, DV or MP (see below)

Engineering Validation (EV)

Some companies require Engineering Validation before Mass Production (MP) to determine if there are any mechanical, electrical, or other engineering issues related to production of their products.

Our factories have been assisting customers with EV for many years and understand the need for small production runs to meet EV requirements. We continually work alongside our customers during this phase to provide and solicit feedback to determine if the engineering of the part meets the customer’s requirements once in a mock production run. We know how to adjust quickly and realize the need to listen to the customer’s needs to meet deadlines.

Design Validation (DV)

Just like Engineering Validation (EV), some customers require Design Validation prior to Mass Production (MP). This phase provides valuable information to our engineers and our customers’ engineers about the design of the product and how it works in a production environment.

DV allows us to work with the customer, or their contact manufacturer, on any final design revisions, it also finalizes testing procedures, packaging, shipping and communications. While this is production lot is usually larger than EV, it is still considered a small production run that can produce tremendous information for Mass Production (MP).


Mass Production (MP)

Once all details of the magnet or magnetic assembly are established, we are able to handle Mass Production volumes and delivery schedules. Over the years we have assisted customer with quantities ranging from a few hundred a year, to more than 100 million annually.

Along with our Mass Production capabilities, we can offer the following services:

  • JIT / Kanban
  • Continuous Improvement and Reporting
  • Advanced Quality Control Systems
  • Documented Processes and Procedures (DFM / MTD)
  • U.S. –based and China staff
  • Packaging for easy handling

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