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Copy of Jewelry

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Making jewelry eloquent and practical are two of the main goals of this industry. Magnetic jewelry was a product reserved mainly for those seeking magnet therapy or a solution to struggling with a hook clasp, however; the industry has changed and magnets now play a large part of the jewelry industry.

Magnets & Jewelry

Our long list of jewelry manufacturers and designers utilize our magnets for making the magnetic clasps that make necklaces and bracelets easier to clasp on your neck or wrist. The advancements in design of magnet clasps ensure that the jewelry is still appealing to the eye and secure.

Our custom line of magnetic jewelry is something we have carried for many years. These jewelry pieces have been worn for casual nights out, magnet therapy, and formal events.   While we are not doctors, there are individuals that utilize magnets to help with arthritis and healing. Visit our magnet therapy section for more details.

If you are a jewelry design or manufacturer, contact us for your magnet or assembly needs.