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Academic & Research

The academic community has long been the first step in research & development projects and exploration of new technologies. Our commitment to the academic community remains as strong today as it did from our beginning.

Magnets & Academic

Our academic customers continue to be leaders in R&D, and push magnet uses and design. We have partner with our academic customers to provide design assistance, magnets, and assemblies. These partnerships have resulted in simple magnet selection to complex designs requiring very high magnetic field.

The academic community has also come to depend on our knowledge with coatings and other materials required in the designs. Pairing up the correct metals, magnets and coatings becomes a vital part of the design.

We understand the “envelop-pushing” challenges that our academic customers take on, and are proud to be a partner in their research and product requirements. Contact us if you are looking for a partner in your research.

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