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Polymag Demo Kit

The Polymag Demo Kit is a great introduction to the wide variety of polymagnet functions such as attaching, aligning, latching, and springing of polymagnets. These kits include the following demonstrators:

1. Latch Polymagnet (yellow knob and base)

2. Spring Polymagnet (black knob and base)

3. Twist Release Polymagnet (blue knob and base)

4. Spring-Latch Combo Polymagnet  (red knob and base)

5. Conventional Magnet (beige knob) 

6. High Force Polymagnet (purple knob)

7. Controlled Field Polymagnet (orange knob)

8. Magview Film

All of the Polymagnets in the Polymag Demo Kit are 1" (25.4mm) OD x 0.125" (3.175mm) thick, N40 grade and nickel plated. 

Polymag Demo Kit

Regular price $89.00
Max Working Temp80°°C
Plating/CoatingPlastic knobs, nickel plated magnets
StrengthNeodymium 40

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