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What Does the Direction of Orientation Mean?

September 13, 2016

Choosing the material, shape and size of a magnet are usually the first steps in finding the correct magnet for your application.  There are different ways that a magnet can be magnetized, but the direction of the north and south pole must be defined prior to manufacturing so the magnetic field i...

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Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

September 07, 2016

Our disc magnets have helped our customers solve a variety of interesting problems over the years.  The following are three of many solutions found: First, a hockey coach wanted to hold goals in place during practice, but not be in the way of other activities throughout the day at the rink.  Sol...

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How Do You Use Disc Magnets?

September 01, 2016

Disc Magnets are one of our most popular selling items, and each day we field questions about the material grade, coatings, and custom sizes of disc magnets, ring magnets, cylinder magnets, and tube magnets.  However, we don’t always know about the application due to the status of the application...

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Explaining the Direction of Magnetization and Orientation of a Magnet

August 22, 2016

Magnets come in many shapes, sizes, and materials.  Whether you need a disc magnet, cylinder magnet, ring magnet, or custom shaped magnet, picking the correct magnet, and its direction of magnetization for your application is critical.  Very often we get questions about the meaning of “Direction ...

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The Benefits of Parylene Coating

August 16, 2016

Parylene on magnets have long been associated with medical and technology applications.  They provide a durable coating that is resistant to corrosion, and are available in Parylene C, D and N.  Several factors should be considered when exploring parylene coatings so let’s take a look at these fa...

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