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SM Magnetics Develops 2+ Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly

April 26, 2016

SM Magnetics has recently designed and developed a 2.2 Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly for a Research and Development application in the medical industry.  The design requirements for this application included a 5 mm sq. area that is 10 mm high with a magnetic field > 2 Tesla.

We are currently working on 3 additional High Field Permanent Magnet designs with magnetic fields of > 2T over 14” area, 3+ Tesla field in a 10 mm square area, and a request for a 4+ Tesla field in a large area.  We continue to push the magnetic materials and designs to meet these requirements.

Each of these assemblies will have a specific purpose based upon our customer’s application.  There are many applications that can use strong magnetic fields without the expense related to an electromagnet.   We continue to receive requests for high field permanent magnet assemblies, and our design and engineering team continue to research new methods and materials.  

As we introduce new findings and assemblies, we will also continue to work with advanced materials and assemblies to push the limits of magnetic fields.


About SM Magnetics:  SM Magnetics is a privately owned company providing assistance with magnetic circuit design, engineering support, and production of magnetic materials.  The company provides magnets and magnetic assemblies for prototypes through to mass production. SM Magnetics' online catalog of products can be found at  Inquiries for assistance can be made to, or 205.989.4353.

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